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An Interview with Rachel Goode, Ph.D, about Biological Patent Thickets

Kevin DeJong (Senior Editor) and Shweta Kumar (Editor) from the Big Molecule Watch recently interviewed Rachel Goode, Ph.D. to discuss an article she recently co-authored, “Biological patent thickets and delayed access to biosimilars, an American problem.”[1]  The article, published in the Journal of Law and the Biosciences, examines whether patent…

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An Interview with Prof. Arti Rai about the Role of “Patent Thickets” in U.S. Biosimilar Market Entry

Last week, Big Molecule Watch sat down with Professor Arti Rai to discuss an article she recently co-authored, “How logically impossible patents block biosimilars.” The article, published earlier this month in the journal Nature Biotechnology, examines the differences between the patent and drug approval legal and regulatory regimes and how…

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