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FDA/FTC Joint Workshop on a Competitive Marketplace for Biosimilars – Comments from Stakeholders

As we have previously reported, in February 2020 FDA and FTC announced a joint collaboration “to advance competition in the biologic marketplace.” On March 9th, the two agencies held a public workshop to discuss their “collaborative efforts to support appropriate adoption of biosimilars, discourage false or misleading statements about biosimilars, and…

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FTC Issues Civil Investigative Demand to Johnson & Johnson Regarding Remicade

We have covered Pfizer’s antitrust suit against Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of REMICADE (infliximab), as well as a related antitrust litigation filed by retailers Walgreen and Kroger Co. and direct and indirect purchasers of Remicade.  The cases generally allege that Johnson & Johnson excluded Pfizer’s infliximab biosimilar from the market through anticompetitive…

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