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Global Biosimilar Update

The European Commission has approved mAbxience’s bevacizumab biosimilar, MB02, for marketing in Europe.  As we previously reported, MB02, which will be known as Alymsys and Oyavas, is intended for the treatment of colon or rectal carcinoma, breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, renal cell cancer, epithelial ovarian cancer, fallopian tube…

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Brexit’s Impact on the Biosimilar Market

The United Kingdom’s referendum in favor of withdrawal from the European Union, colloquially known as “Brexit,” has already sent shockwaves through the business world, both within the UK, and abroad.  The impact of Brexit on the pharmaceutical industry has yet to be determined, but some fear that Brexit will cause…

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EU Parliament Takes Steps to Increase Manufacture and Export of European Generics and Biosimilars During Protected Period

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament has adopted its report on the “Single Market Strategy” – a strategy that aims to consolidate industries in European countries under one umbrella. Included in the report is a section on “consolidating Europe’s intellectual property framework.” The report…

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