British Columbia Announces Coverage of Three New Biosimilars for Blood Clot Prevention and Treatment

On March 22, British Columbia’s Ministry of Health announced that three new enoxaparin biosimilars, Valero Pharmaceuticals’ REDESCA, Juno Pharmaceuticals’ , and Sandoz’s INCLUNOX, would be covered by PharmaCare, the province’s public health plan.  Enoxaparin is a blood thinner that is used for the prevention and treatment of blood clot disorders.  The reference product LOVENOX, a Sanofi-Aventis product, is currently used for preventing venous thromboembolism (VTE), as a bridge to oral blood thinners, and as a replacement to oral blood thinners when they fail in treating non-cancer-related VTEs.  As of March 22, LOVENOX will no longer be covered for new approvals and standard PharmaCare approvals for enoxaparin will only be for the biosimilars.  The Ministry also announced that “due to the savings from the introduction of enoxaparin biosimilars,” cancer patients will no longer be required to undergo initial treatment with the blood thinner warfarin prior to being allowed access to enoxaparin (as well as dalteparin and tinzaparin).  Adrian Dix, British Columbia’s Minister of Health, stated that “[o]ur government’s biosimilar’s program continues to help people in B.C. save money by accessing more treatment options that are less expensive than the originator drug and are just as effective.”