Celltrion Announces Agreement with Brazilian Government to Supply Infliximab Biosimilar

On March 24, 2022, Celltrion Healthcare announced that it had won a bid to the Brazilian Federal Government to supply a biosimilar version of Remsima® (infliximab), along with bids to 12 Brazilian states.  According to the company, infliximab will be the third biosmilar product that Celltrion is to supply to the Brazilian market after Celltrion reached agreement in 2021 with the Brazilian Ministry of Health to supply Truxima® (Celltrion’s rituximab biosimilar) and Herzuma® (Celltrion’s trastuzumab biosimilar).

Dr. HoUng Kim, Ph.D., Head of Medical and Marketing Division at Celltrion Healthcare said that as a result of sales to the Brazilian government and the private sector, Celltrion expects “to achieve approximately two-thirds of the total Brazilian infliximab market.”