Coherus and Amgen Stipulate to Dismissal of Adalimumab Infringement Case

As we previously reported, earlier this year Coherus filed a complaint against Amgen in the District of Delaware alleging infringement of patents claiming “stable aqueous pharmaceutical compositions” comprising adalimumab and other components.  Coherus alleged that “Amgen is actively offering for sale and selling Amgevita™ [Amgen’s tradename for its adalimumab biosimilar in Europe] throughout Europe” and actively manufacturing Amgevita™ in the United States for sale in Europe.”  Amgen launched Amgevita™ in markets across Europe in October 2018.

On November 25, following an apparent settlement, the parties submitted a proposed stipulation of dismissal to the Delaware Court.  The court entered that dismissal on November 26, which dismissed with prejudice Coherus’s patent infringement claims and dismissed as moot Amgen’s counterclaims.