Meet the Editor – October


Lindsey Wanner is Counsel in Goodwin’s San Francisco office.

BMW: Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?

Lindsey: On Sunday afternoons you can find me at Off the Grid’s Presidio Picnic with my family. Off the Grid organizes gatherings of food trucks in the Bay area. The Presidio Picnic is on the Main Parade Ground of the Presidio, a former U.S. Army Base and National Park that sits at the foot of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. While warm, sunny days are few and far between in San Francisco, we brave the fog and wind to join friends for good food and amazing views.

BMW: When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Lindsey: Throughout my childhood I wanted to be a number of different things when I grew up. Coincidentally, around the time I was 7 or 8, I wanted to be a lawyer. In second grade I wrote in my journal (which I still have) that when I grew up I would be a lawyer and live in Santa Cruz, CA. I got it right within 100 miles, which is pretty good for a kid who grew up outside of Boston and had never been to either San Francisco or Santa Cruz.

BMW: What spurred your interest in life sciences?

Lindsey: In biology class my freshman year of high school, I did a report on transgenic animals. I learned about work being done at Genzyme, only miles away from my house, where they were developing transgenic goats to produce human drugs. I was fascinated by this groundbreaking work and the potential of genetics to change the way we treat human disease.

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