Meet the Editor – December

Beth Ashbridge

Q&A With December’s Featured Editor: Beth Ashbridge

Beth Ashbridge is a Science Law Clerk in Goodwin’s New York office.

BMW: When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Beth: From an early age, I wanted to be an astronaut. I have always been driven to work hard and do my very best, and I suppose this career path was my dream job because it is such a high achievement (literally). Of course my wonderful, inspiring parents have always encouraged me in everything I do, but in hindsight, they were likely unconcerned it would become a reality. After all, I am definitely not fit for space travel. However, they did humor me for many years and I remember visiting Cape Canaveral on my first trip over the Atlantic from the UK and receiving my first telescope aged 12 to set my sights on the stars. I even won a competition at university to design an experiment for the International Space Station and traveled to the European Space Agency in Amsterdam to meet an astronaut.

I didn’t grow out of this ambition until my early 20s, despite my mole-like vision, intense susceptibility to motion sickness, and dizzying fear of heights. I believe the turning point on this career path came in 2001 when I spent approximately five minutes at a famous British theme park, before a rather unfortunate orbital ride left me stretched out in the medical tent for the rest of the day while my family continued bravely on without me.

BMW: If you could make one rule that everyone must follow, what rule would you make?

Beth: Be kind to at least one fellow human at least once every day. It only takes a few minutes to do a little something for someone else, but it passes forward a feeling of hope and humanity. A lot of us have very busy lives, but I think having a daily goal like this, even if it is just a smile on your morning commute can mean a lot to everyone involved.

BMW: What motivates you to work in the life sciences / biosimilars field?

Beth: I have always been interested in the sciences and after a first career in academic research, I was motivated about changing paths and starting something new. Now I work at the crossroads of the life sciences/biosimilars field and the law, working with talented attorneys and scientists. I feel very lucky and privileged that I still get to learn and grow every day.

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