Meet the Author: Linnea Cipriano

Goodwin’s Guide to Biosimilars Litigation and Regulation in the U.S. provides expert guidance and practical know-how for lawyers working in this burgeoning area of the law.  This is your opportunity to meet the authors who contributed to this comprehensive guide and go-to reference for all things biosimilars.



Q&A with March’s Featured Author: Linnea Cipriano

Linnea Cipriano is a partner in the firm’s New York office.

What made you want to contribute to the Guide?

When our team was working on some of the first BPCIA litigations, we learned so much—about strategy, procedure, and best practices. I wanted to be part of the Guide to contribute to the collective knowledge and create a resource for cases in the future.

What do you hope people learn from the Guide?

I hope people learn that the unique aspects of BPCIA litigation allow for creative legal arguments and strategy considerations. In addition to the substantive content of the Guide, I hope people recognize the impact and potential of the incredible teamwork that went into putting this project together.

What did you learn from working on the Guide?

I learned that the depth of our team’s experience and expertise is greater than I ever realized or appreciated. I’m thrilled to be working with a team with such a wealth of knowledge.


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Linnea Cipriano: