Biocon Completes Integration of Viatris Biosimilars Business

As we previously reported, in December 2022, Biocon Biologics Ltd. (a subsidiary of Biocon Ltd.) had completed acquisition of the global biosimilars business of its long-term partner Viatris, Inc.  This week Biocon announced that it had “completed the integration of the acquired biosimilars business in over 70 countries in Emerging Markets effective July 1, 2023, increasing the scale and scope of its business.”  According to Biocon, Viatris’s commercial portfolio of biosimilars, including trastuzumab, pegfilgrastim, bevacizumab, glargine, adalimumab, and etanercept, are now part of Biocon’s commercial organization.  Biocon further added that “[m]ost of these [biosimilars] have been co-developed with Biocon Biologics and manufactured at BBL’s world class facilities in India and Malaysia.”