Celltrion and Genuv Partner to Develop Novel Therapeutic Antibodies

Celltrion and Genuv Inc., a Seoul-based a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on drug discovery, entered a partnership last week to develop novel therapeutic antibodies using Genuv’s SHINE MOUSE platform.  Under the terms of agreement, Genuv will conduct antibody discovery service using the SHINE MOUSE technology to be followed by research collaboration.

According to Genuv, the SHINE MOUSE platform is able to generate a greater diversity of antibodies than conventional mice.  The platform has been used to generate two antibodies, GNUV201, an anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody with “exceptional interspecies cross-reactivity and binding affinity,” and  GNUV205, an “improved interleukin-2-based immunocytokine anti-cancer drug.”

Celltrion has the option for joint research and development projects which, if exercised, will trigger milestone payments of up to $25 million to Genuv, with additional milestones triggered if Celltrion reaches cumulative sales of $7.5 billion in sales of a candidate antibody.