Regeneron Identifies Six Patents for Expedited Trial in BPCIA Aflibercept Case Against Mylan

As we reported last week, the Northern District of West Virginia court has ordered an expedited trial in Regeneron’s aflibercept BPCIA case against Mylan.  As required by the court’s scheduling order, on October 28, Regeneron identified six patents for the first phase of the litigation.  Regeneron also agreed that “it will not, with respect to the [other] eighteen patents asserted in its Complaint (ECF 1) . . . seek injunctive relief with respect to the United States marketing or sales of Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s current aBLA product.”

Regeneron’s six asserted patents include the following:

  • U.S. Patent No. 11,084,865, titled “VEGF antagonist formulations suitable for intravitreal administration”
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 10,888,601 and 11,253,572, both titled “Use of a VEGA antagonist to treat angiogenic eye disorders”
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 11,053,280 and 11,299,532, both titled “Anti-VEGF protein compositions and methods for producing the same”
  • U.S. Patent No. 11,104,715, titled “Methods for producing aflibercept in chemically defined media having reduced aflibercept variants”

Stay tuned to Big Molecule Watch as we monitor further developments in this case.