Prestige Biopharma and Intas Pharmaceuticals Partner on Bevacizumab Biosimilar

On July 26, Prestige Biopharma Limited (“Prestige”) announced a partnership with Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Intas”) and its affiliate Accord Healthcare to commercialize Prestige’s bevacizumab, HD204, a proposed biosimilar to Roche’s AVASTIN®, in the United States, Europe, Canada, MENA, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.  We previously posted on Prestige’s partnership with Pharmapark LLC to commercialize HD204 in the Russian Federation and with Huons Biopharma to commercialize HD204 in South Korea.  According to Prestige’s press release, HD204 is currently in Phase III clinical development (SAMSON-II) and regulatory filings in the United States and Europe are anticipated next year.  We previously posted on the positive results from a Phase I clinical trial comparing HD204 to AVASTIN®.

Lisa S. Park, CEO of Prestige, is “delighted to establish a partnership with Intas for the key markets, the US and Europe” and looks forward “to further strengthening the value of our biosimilar programs in global markets.”  And according to Binish Chudgar, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Intas: “This collaboration is in line with our long-term strategy and reinforces our commitment to improving access to high-quality biosimilar drugs for cancer patients globally.”