Henlius and Eurofarma Entered into a License Agreement for Henlius’ 3 Products in Latin America

Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Inc. (“Henlius”) announced this week that it has entered into a license and collaboration agreement with Eurofarma Laboratórios SA (“Eurofarma”), a Brazilian multinational biopharmaceutical company, for the development, manufacturing and commercialization of three biosimilar products in 16 Latin American countries. The three products are HANLIKANG® (rituximab), HANQUYOU® (trastuzumab), and HANBEITAI® (bevacizumab).  Under the agreement terms, Henlius will receive up to a total of $50.5 million, including a $4.5 million upfront payment.  Eurofarma will acquire exclusive rights to HANLIKANG® (rituximab) in 12 countries, as well as HANQUYOU® (trastuzumab) in 11 countries and HANBEITAI® (bevacizumab) in 15 countries.  In addition, Eurofarma will obtain semi-exclusive rights to the three products in Brazil.

About Eurofarma

Eurofarma are the first 100% Brazillian-owned multinational pharmaceutical company. Since its establishment in 1972, Eurofarma has been operating in the health industry, producing and marketing products and services to improve people’s quality of life.