Celltrion to Enter U.S. Humira Biosimilar Market Following Patent Agreement with AbbVie

Celltrion recently announced that it will start selling Yuflyma, an adalimumab biosimilar, in the U.S. in July 2023.  The announcement stems from Celltrion’s recently inked patent agreement with AbbVie which allows Celltrion to market a high-concentration formulation of the drug.  As a company official stated, “By entering the U.S. market early, we expect to show the differentiated competitiveness of the high-concentration Humira biosimilar to patients with autoimmune diseases in the U.S.”

According to Celltrion, Yuflyma is the world’s first high-concentration biosimilar adalimumab formulation and leads to reduced dosing and removal of citrate which could cause pain in some patients.  Celltrion has received approval for the biosimilar in the EU, Korea, and Canada.