Lannett Announces New Co-development Agreement for Biosimilar Insulin Aspart

On February 9, 2021, Lannett Company announced that it had added a new co-development agreement for biosimilar insulin aspart with its strategic alliance partners within the HEC Group of Companies.  Insulin aspart, currently sold under the brand name Novolog®, is a fast-acting insulin used to treat high blood sugar in adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  According to the announcement, the product is currently in development, and Lannett will help manage the remaining clinical and regulatory steps for FDA approval to market the product as a biosimilar.  Lannett CEO, Tim Crew, said he expects that “the clinical program for biosimilar insulin aspart will be quite similar to the clinical program for our biosimilar insulin glargine product, which is around one year further along in development.”  Mr. Crew also stated that a new manufacturing site “has the capacity to support double digit market share for both products.”