Alvotech and Fuji Pharma Announce Continued Biosimilar Partnership in Japan

Yesterday, Fuji Pharma and Alvotech announced their agreement to extend the companies’ exclusive partnership for the commercialization of four biosimilar medicines in Japan.  We previously posted on that partnership when it was first announced in 2018, and later in 2019 when the companies reported that the partnership extended to Alvotech’s ustekinumab biosimilar.  In yesterday’s announcement, Alvotech’s Chief Commercial Officer stated that “[t]he binding term sheet takes Alvotech one step closer to gaining further access to Japan’s fast‐growing biosimilars market,” and that Alvotech will continue its discussions with Fuji Pharma for additional products.  The announcement also states that “Fuji Pharma, which currently owns a minority stake in Alvotech, will now have the opportunity to enter into new therapeutic areas following the agreement.”  According to the announcement, Fuji Pharma focuses on development and commercialization of hormone medicines for obstetrics and gynecology therapies, as well as injectable drugs.