Biosimilars Partnership Updates

Alvotech and Cipla Medpro, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cipla Limited, recently announced an exclusive partnership “to bring key biosimilars to patients in markets such as South Africa.”  The biosimilars portfolio will include two oncology drugs and three drugs for treating autoimmune diseases.  The press release reports that under the partnership, Alvotech will be responsible for product development and supply, while Cipla will be responsible for registration and commercialization.

Prestige BioPharma Ltd. and Abic Marketing Ltd. (which operates under the brand of Teva Israel) announced an exclusive partnership agreement for the commercialization of Prestige BioPharma’s Trastuzumab biosimilar (HD201; TUZNUE) in Israel.  Prestige BioPharma be responsible for EMA product registration and supply, while Teva Israel will be responsible for local registration, sales, and marketing in Israel. According to the press release, the EMA has already accepted a Marketing Authorization Application for TUZNUE.