Big Conversations: In-House Counsel Discuss the Past, Present, and Future of Biosimilars Market Entry In the EU and U.S. (Part 4)

In a continuation from Part 3 of this panel discussion, Goodwin and Bristows continue their discussion with senior in-house counsel at the forefront of the biosimilars industry to discuss the pace of biosimilars market entry in the EU and U.S., why the pace of biosimilars market entry has been different in those two markets, and what the future holds.  In this final segment, the panel covers topics including price competition, whether biosimilar sales have justified high development costs, and regulatory issues such as interchangeability.

Moderators: Huiya Wu (Partner, Goodwin), Dom Adair (Partner, Bristows)

Panelists: Rachel Moodie (Vice President of IP Biosimilars, Fresenius), Alastair Sayce (Lead of Biologics IP, Teva), and Neil Trueman (Chief International IP Counsel, Mundipharma)

“The FDA is going to have to answer some difficult questions around interchangeability [and] exclusivity of a product.” – Alastair Sayce, Lead of Biologics IP, Teva