Big Conversations: In-House Counsel Discuss the Past, Present And Future Of Biosimilars Market Entry In the EU and U.S.

Over the summer, Goodwin and Bristows sat down with senior in-house counsel at the forefront of the biosimilars industry to discuss the pace of biosimilars market entry in the EU and U.S., why it has been so different in those two markets, and what the future holds.  In the first of several segments to be released over the coming weeks, the panel covers topics including differences between the biosimilars markets in the EU versus the U.S., patent infringement settlements impacting the biosimilars market, and navigating a “patent thicket” for a reference product.

Moderators: Rob Cerwinski (Partner, Goodwin), Liz Cohen (Partner, Bristows)

Panelists: Rachel Moodie (Vice President of IP Biosimilars, Fresenius), Alastair Sayce (Senior Director & Associate General Patent Counsel, Teva Biologics), and Neil Trueman (Chief International IP Counsel, Mundipharma)

“I think a lot of companies who are working in field of biosimilars had high hopes that there would be high market entry and penetration of the biosimilars [in the U.S.] and one of the reasons why it is quite low compared to Europe is that there just are not the same incentives there.” – Rachel Moodie, Vice President of IP Biosimilars, Fresenius