Samsung Bioepis and Merck & Co. Launch Renflexis, A Lower-Priced Competitor to Inflectra

Merck & Co. and Samsung Bioepis announced today the U.S. launch of Renflexis (infliximab), a biosimilar of Janssen’s Remicade.  Renflexis was approved on April 21 by the FDA for all eligible indications.  Renflexis will be priced at a 35% discount to the current list price of Remicade (i.e., 65% of Remicade’s list price).  For comparison, Pfizer’s Inflectra, another biosimilar to Remicade, launched in November 2016 at 85% of the list price of Remicade, but later dropped to 81% of Remicade’s list price.

Janssen is seeking an injunction to block sales of Renflexis, arguing that it infringes three Janssen patents.