Coherus Files Four Petitions for Inter Partes Review of Abbvie’s Adalimumab-Related Patent

Today, Coherus Biosciences filed four petitions for inter partes review of Abbvie’s U.S. Patent 9,085,619 (IPR2017-00822IPR2017-00823, IPR2017-00826, and IPR2017-00827).  According to the petitions, the patent is drawn to formulations of adalimumab, commercially available under the brand-name Humira®.

Coherus already has three instituted IPR proceedings on patents related to adalimumab, IPR2016-00172, IPR2016-00188, and IPR2016-00189.  These proceedings are scheduled for oral hearing on February 16, 2017.

The newly filed petitions and other important IPR documents related to biologics are posted on our IPR tracker page.

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