Meet the Editor – July

Zac HolmesQ&A With July’s Featured Editor: Zac Holmes

Zac Holmes is a Science Advisor in Goodwin’s New York office.

BMW: When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Zac: When I was younger, I always knew I would grow up to be a scientist. I would setup little experiments around the house growing sugar crystals or taking things apart just to see how they worked. Science never failed to capture my attention and I’ve always enjoyed learning about a wide range of subjects. And although I no longer perform research in the lab setting, I still consider myself a scientist – every day I use my scientific training and background to learn about a given technology as well as the world around me.

BMW: Interesting fact about you?

Zac: I was a beekeeper for several years. While working as a graduate student, I picked up apiculture as a hobby because honey bees are fascinating animals to study and I was interested in doing my part to help Colorado wildlife. I documented my experience via social media to help my friends and family learn about pollinators and their importance. It was a fun way to apply my scientific training in a non-laboratory setting. Plus nothing beats the taste of a piece of honeycomb straight from the hive!

BMW: What motivates you to work in the life sciences / biosimilars field?

Zac: As someone with Type 1 Diabetes, I am very aware of the effect of the rising cost of insulin on an individual’s health outcomes. Biosimilars may be a way for patients like myself to have greater choice for medical treatments potentially at lower prices. It has been exciting to watch generic small molecule drugs change the accessibility of modern medicine, and it will be interesting to see if the biosimilars industry can do the same.

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