Meet the Editor – September 2020

Ilana Saltz is an Associate in Goodwin’s New York office.

BMW: When You Were 8, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

Ilana: I wanted to be an author. My dream was to write young adult fiction. I actually minored in creative writing in undergrad, but I mostly wrote (very) short stories. Because I ended up as a litigator, I do get to write every day. Unfortunately, motions and briefs don’t make it on the New York Times Bestseller list.

BMW: Interesting Fact About You?

Ilana: I was a Biology teacher before going to law school, and I spent one of those years teaching many grade levels in all types of science at a bilingual school in Valledupar, Colombia. I didn’t come back fluent in Spanish, but I did bring back a cat.

BMW: What Motivates You To Work In The Life Sciences/Biosimilars Field?

Ilana: I enjoy being challenged by interesting work that makes an impact on the everyday health issues that people face. The intersection of the law and science provide opportunities to learn from attorneys and clients who continue to make strides at the forefront of public health.

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