Available Now. Goodwin’s Guide to Biosimilars Litigation and Regulation in the U.S.

Building on Big Molecule Watch’s knowledge of and presence in the biosimilars space, we are excited to announce that Goodwin has developed a new comprehensive guide and go-to reference for all things biosimilars published by Thomson Reuters. The  Guide to Biosimilars Litigation and Regulation in the U.S. was authored by a group of lawyers at Goodwin, largely comprised of Big Molecule Watch editors, and is now available for purchase. The Guide provides expert guidance and practical know-how for lawyers working in this burgeoning area of the law.

Guide to Biosimilars Litigation and Regulation in the U.S. discusses each section of the BPCIA and how the provisions of the statute and related regulations work in practice. The Guide also provides an overview of legal and regulatory issues unique to biosimilars that have arisen or are expected to arise in litigation concerning biosimilar products.

To purchase the Guide, click here.

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