Fresenius Kabi Announces Launch of TYENNE, a Tocilizumab Biosimilar Referencing ACTEMRA

On April 15, 2024, Fresenius Kabi announced the U.S. launch of its ACTEMRA biosimilar, TYENNE (tocilizumab-aazg) as an intravenous formulation.  As we previously reported, Fresenius Kabi received FDA approval for both intravenous and subcutaneous formulations on March 5, 2024, making TYENNE the first tocilizumab biosimilar approved in both formulations.  TYENNE is Fresenius’s third approved biosimilar to be made available in the United States, following launch of STIMUFEND (pegfilgrastim-fpgk) in February 2023 and IDACIO (adalimumab-aacf) in July 2023.