Sandoz New Global “Act4Biosimilars” Initiative – Big Molecule Watch

On May 31, 2022, Sandoz announced the launch of a new global initiative called “Act4Biosimilars” to help address health inequity and inequality worldwide. Act4Biosimilars aims to increase patient access to advanced medicines by facilitating greater approvability, accessibility, acceptability and affordability (the 4 A’s) of biosimilars. The initiative is supported by a multidisciplinary Steering Committee of patient advocacy leaders, healthcare professionals, biosimilar experts and industry leaders from around the world, with a mission to increase global adoption of biosimilar medicines by at least 30% in 30+ countries by 2030.

Act4Biosimilars’ website outlines the 12 goals that have been identified under the 4As by the Steering Committee to achieve the mission. These include ensuring equitable pricing, involving patients in treatment decisions and streamlining biosimilar development. As an immediate next step, the Steering Committee is developing an Action Plan to provide the strategies, tools and activities needed to equip and empower stakeholders to realize these 12 goals, across the 30 countries and beyond. The Steering Committee will co-create the Action Plan with a group of biosimilar experts and key stakeholders, including patient organizations, healthcare professionals, trade associations, think tanks, government bodies and professional societies.