Senate Passes Bill on Advancing Education on Biosimilars

The Senate passed a bill (S. 164) earlier this month (on March 3, 2021) “[t]o educate health care providers and the public on biosimilar biological products, and for other purposes.”

The proposed “Advancing Education on Biosimilars Act of 2021” would add a section to the Public Health Service Act on “Education on Biological Products.”  The proposed addition provides for (a) an “internet website” that the Secretary of Health and Human Services “may maintain and operate … to provide educational materials for health care providers, patients, and caregivers,” regarding biosimilar and biological products, and (b) “continuing education” whereby the Secretary “shall advance education and awareness among health care providers regarding biological products, including biosimilar biological products and interchangeable biosimilar biological products” through continuing education programs.

Similar proposals were passed by the Senate in 2020 and introduced in the House in 2019.

The current Senate bill S. 164 is now with the House.