PTAB Issues Final Written Decisions Finding Two Of Sanofi’s Lantus Patents Invalid

Yesterday, December 12, 2018, the Board issued Final Written Decisions finding Claims 1-25 of U.S. Patent No. 7,476,652 (IPR2017-01526) and Claims 1-20 of U.S. Patent No. 7,713,930 (IPR2017-01528) unpatentable as obvious over the prior art.  IPR2017-01526 and IPR2017-01528 were two of a number of IPR petitions filed by Mylan against patents covering Sanofi’s Lantus® (insulin glargine) product, as we reported here.  Sanofi has asserted the ‘652 and ‘930 patents against Mylan regarding their proposed follow-on insulin glargine product in the District of New Jersey (NJD-2-17-cv-09105-1).  The parties have jointly requested an October 2019 trial date but the court has not yet set the trial date in this case.