France Aims for 80% Biosimilar Penetration by 2022

In its 2018-2022 National Health Strategy, France aims for 80% biosimilar penetration by 2022, an increase from last year’s 70% target.  France’s support for biosimilars is not new.  Its 2014 budget pushed for pharmacy-level substitutions, and in 2017 the substitution policy was revamped and a biosimilar registry was created.  Although specific details of how France hopes to achieve its 80% goal are not clear from the 2018-2022 publication, it does mention developing digital tools to aid providers.  Additionally, building off of the 2017 policy goal that 70% of patients starting new treatment be prescribed biosimilars over biologics, the 2018-2022 publication discusses converting patients who are currently undergoing treatment to biosimilars.