Samsung Files Petition for IPR on Genentech Carter Patent

Last Friday, Samsung Bioepis filed IPR2017-02139 and IPR2017-02140, directed to Genentech’s U.S. Patent No. 6,407,213. According to the petitions, the ‘213 patent claims are directed to “humanized antibodies with non-human residues in the Complementarity Determining Regions (‘CDRs’) as well as in the framework region at certain, specified positions.” The petitions claim that the prior art “contained detailed instructions regarding the humanization and ‘reshaping’ of antibodies” to maintain or improve antibody-antigen binding, while reducing the negative effects of non-human proteins in therapeutics.

The ‘213 patent has the been the subject of several previous IPR petitions including by Mylan, Celltrion, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Pfizer. Samsung Bioepis asserts that each of its petitions is “essentially a copy” of Pfizer’s corresponding petition, and is seeking joinder with Pfizer’s IPRs.

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