Review Article Supports Interchangeability of Infliximab and CT-P13

BioSimilars Patent Dance

BioSimilars Patent DanceLast week, an article reviewing the literature comparing infliximab biosimilar CT-P13 (Celltrion) with infliximab (Janssen Biotech) for the treatment of rheumatologic diseases was published in Drug Design, Development and Therapy. Noting that many European specialists had reported having only a basic knowledge of biosimilars, the authors sought to critically analyze the clinical outcomes observed in CT-P13 randomized clinical trials, as well as the first real-life data reported by observational studies. The authors concluded that “available data from comparative [randomized clinical trials] and observational studies strongly confirmed the equivalence between CT-P13 and infliximab RP from a pharmacodynamic and a clinical point of view.” Moreover, “findings suggested interchangeability between infliximab RP and CT-P13 as a feasible and safe strategy to be applied in real-life clinical practice.”