Pfizer Files Two Petitions for IPR of Genentech’s Trastuzumab Patent

Pfizer has filed two petitions for IPR of U.S. Patent 8,591,897, owned by Genentech: IPR2017-01726 and IPR2017-01727.  According to the petitions, the ‘897 patent is directed to methods for treating patients with non-metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer by administering anthracycline/cyclophosphamide (AC) based chemotherapy, followed by sequential administration of a taxoid and trastuzumab.  The ‘897 patent is also the subject of IPR2017-00959, filed by Celltrion, which is pending an institution decision by the Board.

Trastuzumab is sold by Genentech under the trade-name Herceptin®.

Pfizer and its affiliate, Hospira, together have seven other pending IPRs on patents related to trastuzumab, as listed on our IPR tracker page.