Meet The Editor - May

Q&A with May’s Featured Editor: Matt Miner

Matt Miner is a Science Law Clerk in Goodwin’s Boston office. 

BMW: If you could have dinner with any prominent figure (world leaders, celebrities, dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Matt: I would have dinner with Carl Sagan. I have always admired him for all of his achievements, especially for his efforts to popularize science. Watching Cosmos for the first time was a humbling experience and led me to read his other works, such as Pale Blue Dot, and Contact. I have always wondered how he was able to decide what music to include on the Voyager Golden Record.

BMW: What is something on your bucket list?

Matt: There are a lot of things in that bucket, but if I had to choose one it would be to win at least once on Jeopardy! I started watching Jeopardy! on and off as a teenager, but now I record and watch every episode. So hopefully, with a little practice, I can make that happen someday.

BMW: What spurred your interest in life sciences?

Matt: My interest in life sciences began at a young age with a set of books, more of a binder really, called Wildlife Fact Files. Inside, expandable folders provided information about a variety of different species such as habitat, diet, and speed, with new folders arriving each month. Once I began chemistry classes in high school, my interests shifted from animals as a whole, to what they were made of. The fact that the physical processes taking place inside a living organism can be manipulated using the smallest of tools, molecules, was absolutely fascinating to me. I never looked back from there.

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